Informing Science + IT Education Conference 2003 Proceedings


Informing Science + IT Education Conference

Pori, Finland June 24-27, 2003

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Survey of Masters Degree Program

Sudesh Duggal and Charles Mastruserio

Northern Kentucky University, USA

Northern Kentucky University, USA

The need of professional master’s degree program in Information systems (MSIS) has been in great de-mand during

the past few years. There may be several reasons for the people to pursue this particular degree. May be that

obtaining MSIS degree help the people to climb to the next level of their current position, or as a source to

networking with other people for future jobs, or for self esteem and their satis-faction, or as a graceful exit from

the long road to a PhD program. Whatever the reason may be there is increase in demand for MSIS program. The

purpose of this paper is to survey the MSIS degree pro-grams and their curriculums from twenty colleges and

universities across the United States. The infor-mation gathered from this survey as well as information gathered in

previous such surveys is evaluated and used to create a suggested program curriculum, which provides useful

information for academic heads and faculty who are interested in starting a new MSIS program, or revising an

existing program.

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