"One Voice" Message as a
Super-Destroyer of Cultural Borders

Andžela Armonienė
University of Vilnius, Lithuania

[email protected]



What are steps toward a preparing of "one voice" and consistent message, which may cross cultural borders? Is it so important to start with new technologies or maybe instead of this it would be better firstly to try to be ahead of them and rethink the capacity to change culture, communication management style and implement integrated communication approach? Addressing such questions leads to the main goal of this article: to search and investigate ways of cultural borders crossing having the evident importance of integration ideas incorporation in the field of organisational communication as a reference point. In sum, the derived conclusion is related to the suggestion to think about the new kind of marginalization and two not so strictly bounded cultural types: integrated organisations and their position of winners and not integrated organisations surrounded by isolation at the same time.

Keywords: crossing cultural borders, "one voice" message, integrated communication.