Challenges in Teaching Java Technology

Nedzad Mehic

Yasmeen Hasan

University of Bahrain


PO Box 32038, Bahrain

PO Box 710, Bahrain

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Object-Oriented Programming-OOP is now replacing procedural programming in almost all applications. Software developers prefer using it because of its many advantages. Therefore colleges should be prepared to make changes to their current curriculums to be able to start teaching programming by using an object-oriented language. This paper describes the usage of Java, an object-oriented language, as a first language taught to computer science students. It goes through the reasons why the language fails when used to introduce students to computer programming. As a case study, the paper describes the current situation at the compute science department at the University of Bahrain and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of changing the curriculum in order to include Java as the first language.

Keywords: Java, Object-Oriented Programming, AWT, JDBC, Java Servlets