Validation as the Integral Part of a Knowledge Management Process

Maria A. Mach, Mieczysław L. Owoc

University of Economics

Wrocław, Poland

[email protected], [email protected]



Observing new concepts in information technology, we pay attention to its impact on more effective supporting human and organisational knowledge. Knowledge management (KM) is one of such promising and intriguing concepts. Its goals and infrastructures are defined in different ways, therefore interdisciplinary approach seems to be useful. We have presented a short survey of theoretical concepts in management, marketing and decision theory, which were adapted by the theory of KM. On the other hand, knowledge validation (KV), defined as two procedures: verification and evaluation any form of knowledge, is aimed on assuring its quality. The paper discusses the crucial interrelationships between knowledge validation and management. The main goal of this work is positioning KV activities in the context of knowledge management process, emphasising usability of KV techniques during the whole process.

Keywords: knowledge management, knowledge validation & verification, knowledge quality