The ERP eLearning Model for the Delivery of 
ERP(SAP R/3) Curriculum into the Asian Region

Paul Hawking and Brendan McCarthy
Victoria University, Australia

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer a software-based system that handles an enterprise’s total information system needs in an integrated fashion. Such systems have seen a phenomenal growth in the last decade in the US, Europe and Australian markets. With the recent upturn in South-East Asian economies, an increase in demand for ERP systems is expected and opportunities clearly exist for provision of high-quality ERP education programs in this region. This paper describes the issues and barriers associated with integrating ERP systems into university curricula. It outlines the experiences of Victoria University in offering ERP education through a strategic alliance with SAP. The University is extending its offshore programs by incorporating ERP education to take advantage of the current increase in demand of ERP employment opportunities in the South-East Asian

The proposed ERP eLearning Model incorporates four different technologies for the delivery of ERP education into the Asian region via the internet. Each technological solution is discussed and advantages identified.